Let’ s dicuss about the appearance of off-road helmets

Off-road motorcycle is a kind of motorcycle which is used frequently in motorcycle race or all-terrain vehicles race. Off-road motorcycles derive from Britain, which can be dated back to the British Scrambling Race. This name is defined from motorcycle and…
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Analysis on start failure of motorcycle

The most annoying thing of motorcycle should be start failure, when the engine is normal, the failure is caused by starter or battery. Then the first thing you need to know is the condition of starter and battery, so as…
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2016 Honda MSX125 and GROM125 unveiled last week

Honda released new model of 2016 MSX125 in Thailand, which is a modern multi-angle design, like a GUNDAM style mini street fighter. One of the biggest highlights is the new fuel tank, side panel, new double LED headlights. That headlight is similar as 190…
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